The Hague X Beirut

The Hague "times"
is an art fundraiser in support of grassroot initiatives for human rights in Lebanon.

The 5 ways in which we support the activists:
1. We help them structure their projects
2. And then apply for grants and funds
3. We provide them with emotional support
4. And legal support
5. With the help of donors, we’ll soon be able to help them put some food on the table.

More on the Project

The 5 ways in which we support the artists: 
1. We provide platforms such as our online exhibition
2. Online events to showcase their works
3. An online shop
4. Lots of social media material which you can find on our Instagram so that they can spread their names
5. And we pay them for every canvas sold.

Donate or buy a canvas to support this project.


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Human Rughts Defenders

Young, resourceful, humanitarian, and courageous: delve into the stories our activists Carlos, Hanadi and Khodor.

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August 4th, 2020 - Beirut

"The feeling of the earth moving,
Then chaos,
Shouts, cries and broken glass everywhere,
Terror in the heartbeat of Beirut,
Loved ones and heroes lost,
many more wounded,

This is the first picture I took immediately after the blast and I had no idea what had befallen Beirut yet."

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